I’ve been looking for very gothic style decorations for Halloween this year, I want to keep the style pretty traditional.

That means, blacks, grays, skulls, bats, and lots of skulls as well as other dead-looking things. Garden Fire Pit

You Can Get Hanging Bat LED Lanterns That Are Perfect For A Spooky Atmosphere

These eye-catching bat decorations will fit in just perfectly while adding some light to the spooky atmosphere I’m trying to create.

They are bat lanterns and are perfect for hanging outside from the trees, near the door on the porch, or even inside the house.

The bat lanterns are made with a high-quality material that is very strong and durable and they’ll be fine if they happen to get wet, it’s normally the rainy season after all.

There is a replaceable button battery located on the bottom that powers the LED lighting.

When the daylight starts to fade into the night, the LED lights on the bat’s belly will light up and create an eerie look that is perfect for Halloween.

If you’re planning a Halloween party, these are a must-have and could be used to light up a hallway or other path through your house.

You can purchase your own Halloween Bat Lanterns on Amazon right now, but hurry… I have a feeling these may sell out fast!

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You Can Get Hanging Bat LED Lanterns That Are Perfect For A Spooky Atmosphere

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